Catalonia's National Day

"Senyeres" and "Estelades" flood the streets

When: 11th September

Interesting because: commemorates the 1714 Siege of Barcelona defeat during the War of the Spanish Succession and consequently, the abolition of the institutions and civil Catalan rights.

Where: All Catalonia.

La Mercè (24th of September)

The festivities of Barcelona

When: week of 24th September

Interesting because: La Mercè transforms the city into a great scene overflowing with fantasy and imagination, concerts, performances, shows, activities...

Where: All Barcelona, especially concerts take place at: Plaza Catalunya and in the Forum Plaza.

Sant Jordi

Catalan Valentines Day

When: April 23rd

Interesting because: by allusion to the popular legend men give roses to women and women to men a book

Where: Throughout Catalonia, but to live intensely the party visits Ramblas, where the streets are filled with flowers and best writers signed books

Feria de Abril

Sevilla arrives to Barcelona!

When: For 10 days. From April 22-26 to May 3-4 aprox.

Interesting because: approximately 65 tents and attractions that are arranged for the celebration; sevillanas, traditional dresses and typical southern drinks and food such as the "rebujito" or “pescaíto frito”

Where: Parc del Fòrum

Castellers (Human Towers)

Symbol of teamwork

When: You can see the Castellers in different festivals and in the days special in the city.

Interesting because: human tower of several floors that traditionally have been built since more than 200 years ago. Declared Cultural Immaterial Heritage of Humanity at 2010.

Where: Throughout Catalonia, although Tarragona has a strong tradition castellera.

The Giants and the Beasts

Original tradition of the Middle Ages

When: omnipresent in most celebrations in Catalonia. La Merce, in the festivities of neighborhoods etc ...

Interesting because: representative elements of local identity; giant city, the heads, the eagle of Barcelona, the mule, the dragon ... are used to stream popular culture.

Where: Throughout Catalonia.

Sant Joan

The shortest night of the year

When: the night of 23 on June 24

Interesting because: the arrival of the summer solstice is celebrated, prepare bonfires and firecrackers and fireworks are shot. It is tradition to eat "Coca de Sant Joan" and toasting with Cava

Where: The entire coast and its beaches are crowded, bonfires and parties.

Gràcia's neighbourhood festival

Originals and very amusing

When: the week of August 15th

Interesting because: live music, handicrafts, popular meals, games and competitions, open-air cinema, workshops, dance classes etc. Every year the neighbors decorate the streets and original way to finish the week wins the most voted street.

Where: in Gràcia District.

Sants' Neigbourhood Festival

Discover an example of the Catalan festivals

When: from August 21st to August 29th

Interesnting because: 13 participants streets, where the neighbors work in the preparation and organization. Concerts, children's activities, havaneras etc.

Where: In Sants district

La "Castanyada" & All Saints

The Halloween of here!

When: October 31th and November 1st

Interesting because: the tradition consists of eating roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, panellets and drinking muscatel

Where: In different regions of Spain. In Barcelona you will find panellets in all bakeries and numerous chestnuts stalls across the city.

Sant Ponç Festival

Medicinal herbs and typical Catalan products

When: week of May 11th

Interesting because: one of the oldest traditions of Catalonia, stalls with aromatic herbs, oils, cheeses, cold meats, organic products...

Where: In all Catalunya. In Barcelona are concentrated to 93 stalls on the street Hospital in the Ciutat Vella district.

Saint Lucy

Get the most original souvenir, the Caganer

When: from the 3rd – 23rd of December

Interesting because: a street Christmas market with more than 270 stalls; both crib (traditional catalan figure "Caganer"), Christmas trees and other decorations.

Where: at the Pla de la Seu, in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona

The Three Wise Men

Gifts or coal?

When: January 5 parade of kings. January 6 Three Kings Day

Interesting because: It is tradition Christmas gifts are brought by the Magi, opposite the American custom of Santa Claus.

Where: In Barcelona, the afternoon of the 5th, the Three Kings arrive at the port by boat, making a parade by major streets from the city.

New Year's Eve

Says goodbye the old year

When: December 31 at 00:00h

Interesting because: says goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year is given, it is customary to eat 12 grapes at 00: 00h, wearing a red garment and toast with Cava.

Where: throughout Spain. In Barcelona don't miss the show in front Montjuïc Fountains.

The Holy Innocents

Learn to plant the "llufa"

When: December 28th

Interesting because: The label of "innocent" has given birth to "the April fool's joke.

Where: throughout Spain