Tapas and dishes originating of Barcelona

Payment method: At the service

Address: Plaça Rosa dels Vents, 1, 08039, Barcelona. (inside W Hotel)

Opening times: Open daily from 13:30 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 23:30 h. Tapas bar from 13:30 to 23:30 non-stop.

Cuisine: Brasserie - Mediterranean - Tapas (pumps, mussels, oysters, old cowribeye and Wagyu...)

Guidance average price: 80 €

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Located in the emblematic Hotel W we found the restaurant Bravo24. This has a bar open from 13.30 to 23.00 without interruption. You can enjoy one of the best views of Barcelona from its wonderful terrace, where the best and most exclusive events, parties and social meetings take place in Barcelona.

Its menu is based on Barcelona's cuisine, with dishes ranging from the fifteenth to the early twentieth century in the city. Trying to keep all the leverage, history and flavor that evokes the way they serve it once.

This first menu of "Cocina de Barcelona" starts with Tapas Barcelona where we find croquetas, pumps Barceloneta, fritters and diced vegetable salad and many other dishes. You can also find oysters, a tribute to the inhabitants of the former Roman Barcino, when this city supplied oysters to the rest of the Empire.

Another strong point of Bravo24 is the menu of rice and pasta a reminiscent menu from the early twentieth century cookbooks. Nor should we forget the premium quality meat and seafood P.D.O. Barceloneta. The embers of their firewood oven are also one of the key points of its cuisine.

Plaça Rosa dels Vents, 1, 08039, Barcelona. (inside W Hotel)
L4 Barceloneta station.