Michelin star menu based on seasonal mushrooms

Payment method: At the service

Address: C/ València 28, 08015 Barcelona

Opening times: From Monday to Saturday from 13:30 to 15:30 and from 20:30 to 23:30

Cuisine: Mediterranean (mushrooms, catalan cuisine, japanese menu)

Guidance average price: 50 €

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Only five years since opening, Nectari has won worldwide recognition and the coveted first Michelin star. Its chef, Jordi Esteve is one of the most promising chefs of Catalunya, his long stages in L'Ambroisie in Paris and in Girasol in Alicante, combined with trips to Japan, he has adopted a wide range of skills that allow him to combine, merge and experience to make Nectari a creative mainstay in the city. Jordi Esteve has sufficient knowledge of the ancient and modern culinary techniques to find a perfect balance in his dishes.

They are specialized in Catalan cuisine, always seeking balance between creativity and innovation and traditional cuisine, taking into account the quality of the raw material. The menu of Nectari is based on mushrooms, food very used in Catalan cuisine, however the passion that the chef feels for Japanese cuisine has taken him to prepare a Japanese menu served only on Saturdays, sashimi, tofu and dashi broth are the most celebrated dishes of this Japanese menu cooked in a Catalan kitchen. The menu changes every three months, depending on the temporary nature of the raw material, being its haute Catalan cuisine menu one of the best in Barcelona.

The local, exquisitely decorated, very comfortable for the diner, has several rooms that give privacy ideal for an intimate and relaxed dinner. The room service is run by the mother of the chef and his family who knows perfectly the menu and the cuisine that Jordi practices and it is also a touch of proximity to the restaurant.