Espai Kru

Gastronomic space to prepare elaborations without fire

Payment method: At the service

Address: C/ Lleida 7, 08004 Barcelona; 1st floor

Opening times: From Tuesday to Saturday from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 23:30; Sunday from 13:30 to 16:00

Cuisine: Raw products (sashimi, salt prawns, scallops and sea urchin, toro tartare of red tuna and anchovies)

Guidance average price: 70 €

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2,000,000 years ago. Before the fire. The origin. The beginning of everything. Just live and raw. Cold. Then came the marinades, dressings and meats. Sashimi, carpaccio and tartar. A history forged by the Mediterranean culture, Atlantic, American, Arab, Asian and Nordic. The source where the gastronomy drinks. The source where the Rias drinks. A space for working without fire. The Espai Kru.

The menu has two parts. The main, based on elaborations without fire, is a hymn to the product. Molluscs Kru, krustáceos, fish Kru, Kru meats, Kru vegetables. Some originality without going over certain sophistication without going over, and prices without going over, but to enjoy this, you have to come around. And a second part where we discover the fire. There is a space for warm meals in a list of dishes that are absolutely future stars indisputable.

There will be also space for cocktails. Exactly for mid-cocktails. Medium cocktails. As tasty as normal ones but half content of alcohol. A selection of wines chosen among our main wine menu, that they highlights for a modern image and a characteristics of easy drink wines, pleasant, fair complexity and funny. They developed a seductive gastronomic offer. The main menu is the top of an iceberg.