Saint Lucy

Get the most original souvenir, the Caganer

When: from the 3rd – 23rd of December

Interesting because: a street Christmas market with more than 270 stalls; both crib (traditional catalan figure "Caganer"), Christmas trees and other decorations.

Where: at the Pla de la Seu, in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona

The story goes that Saint Lucy was born in Barcelona. She is not only mistress of the designers, tailors, and all those who work the art of the needle but also the mistress of the blind.

But, what is exactly the St. Lucy’s festival about? It is a street Christmas market with more than 270 stalls that takes place from the 3rd – 23rd of December in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona. Both crib (special mention to the Catalan figure of El Caganer) and Christmas trees, figures and other Christmas decorations can be acquired.

The earliest date of the written evidence there is for the year 1786, the text read: "On 13 December, virgin and martyr St. Lucy. There was celebration in the Cathedral, in the chapel and on the altar where they worship the image of the Virgin, and outside in the cloisters, with the front of her street fair, many stalls cribs, clay figures and cardboard images saints, shepherds, animals ... ".

This feast was also known as the “feastival of young ladies”. Young well dressed-up single ladies and their mothers used to go to the market in order to find a suitor.

However, as years went by, families with little children go for a walk around the street market in order to buy new figure for the crib and to hit the Christmas log (el Caga Tió). The big log is characterized with eyes, nose and a mouth. Children feed him and cover him with a blanket and they beat him with sticks to the pace of a song. When the song finishes, the Tió drops small gift and candies, nuts or a type of nougat (Torró).