Meeting point for the latest trends in lighting

Speciality: Lamps and lights.

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 458, 08006, Barcelona.

Times: Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 08:30pm.

Biosca & Botey is already a leading brand in lighting after its 96 year history. Founded in the early 20th century in Barcelona and with an eye toward design was being done in the rest of Europe, began what would become the future of the company and specialized in-house production of lamps.

In this new stage Biosca & Botey continuous commitment to innovation and technology. That's why it has also given a new look to your corporate image incorporating the "We light U". Biosca & Botey wants to transmit a new store concept that turns the traditional client viewer, consumer experiences.

At street level we find the shop window where we enjoy a sample of what can be found inside. Once inside, we began the trip to Museum Hall to lay out the most emblematic icons of the history of lighting.

Then, when the store opens at its best, we find the interactive area, a meeting point in development, and once completed will allow visitors to share knowledge and view documentation via smart devices.